Quad is an entertaining and addicting number based game. The objective is simple, just add numbers of the same kind together. By doing this, you eliminate rows above you which fulfills the overall goal. There are two (2) different game modes built in: Original for fast paced players, and Leisure for relaxed ones. We designed and conceived Quad to be a great game; that is exactly what it is.

2+2 = 4 + 4 = 8 + 8 = 16

Quad attempts to amalgamate math and enjoyment. You will want to keep adding numbers together, again and again. In addition to being addicting, Quad doesn’t require coordination, so anyone can play it without getting frustrated. However, if your addition skills are a bit rusty, you can use the colors instead.

Numbers can be Fun…

Some of the Time

Design is not for the back burner.

Everything from the color scheme to the title bar was meticulously crafted. The title actually changes based on what information you need the most. And the colors were specifically chosen to provide visual cues that allow more user friendly gameplay.

Targeted Gameplay

We have specifically directed certain types of gameplay to different types of players. Original mode was the first type, and it gets intensely fast paced. However, after experiencing this pace, we determined that an easier game mode would be beneficial for non-gamers. The result was highly favorable.

Difficulty is nature,

But it’s no fun.

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