Flipsort is a unique, intuitive game that is sure to keep you engaged and entertained. It was originally designed when we were looking at the Siri Remote for the Apple TV, and it was hanging off the side of our desk. This sparked the idea of a game where you could bounce an object to the target. So we made it, and the end product was much better than we could have ever anticipated.

Pick it up & Play.

With Flipsort, we wanted to engineer a way to control the game without any learning curve. We believe that we have achieved that goal and even went beyond it. To control Flipsort on Apple TV just tilt the remote left/right to rotate the platforms. And on iPhone/iPad, just do the same with your device instead of the remote.

If it isn’t natural.

It’s not right.

Design is not a feature. It’s essential.

When it comes to design, it’s not just the look and feel of the game, but the entire package. Good design doesn’t just mean it looks good; it means it pairs functionality and beauty in one. We have done exactly this with Flipsort, and it shows throughout the entire game.

Just Plain Fun

All of the features highlighted above are great, but what really sets this game apart is that it’s really fun. Flipsort is an entertaining and amusing experience that you will not be able to get enough of. Did we make it a push over? No, it gets tough at times, but you just can’t stop trying because it’s so damn fun.

Fun is fun.

Plain & Simple.

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